GET /sessions/s/{sessionId}

Validate and get userId from a validated secure session.


Resource URL


For security reasons requests must be made over HTTPS.


Path ParamValue
Value of the FTSession_s cookie for an authenticated user

Request Body

Not supported. Do not supply a request body


HTTP Statuses

Http StatusDescription
200 OK A valid session with the supplied sessionId exists
404 Not Found No valid session with the supplied sessionId exists. Either the session has expired or the sessionId in invalid.
403 Forbidden Invalid API key

200 OK - A valid session exists and has been returned

If successful, this method returns a Session Resource. Here is an example Session resource:

  "uuid": "02bf9922-4b56-4a38-9b14-bd52f6cd4ff5",
  "creationTime": 1442421236187,
  "rememberMe": true

See Session Resource for full details of these fields.

404 Not Found - Session with that id does not exist or has expired

403 Forbidden - Your access to the API endpoint was denied.

Make sure you are using a valid API key.