FT Attribution Guidelines

Please ensure that there is a clear space in which no other graphics or text appear around the logo. The width of the clear space is 1.5x the distance between the letters FT and the top of the square.

It is optional to use FT pink as the background for FT content. Please don’t use the FT pink for attributing non FT content.

Promoting FT Content

You must use the identity (name, brand, logo, trademarks) of your own organisation, prominently on any products or service that you produce that include content republished from the FT.

You may not use the FT, or Financial Times trademarks to name or endorse your product or service.

You may only use the FT Logo for promoting FT Headlines in your digital product. If the FT logo appears separately from the FT Headlines then it must be accompanied with a statement explaining the context. e.g. “The latest news from the Financial Times”.

You must use the following statement in the terms of use for your product. “Headlines sourced from the Financial Times are used under licence from the Financial Times. FT and ‘Financial Times’ are trademarks of The Financial Times Ltd”.

Summary example

Attributing FT Articles

The following attributions must be used immediately below each FT Article:

1. The FT logo in accordance with this user guide and the following;

Source: [Author] [Year] [Title] [Financial Times /  FT.com] [Day Month]. Used under licence from the Financial Times. © The Financial Times Limited [year]. All Rights Reserved.
Please do not cut and paste FT articles and redistribute by email or post to the web.

2. The following general statement must be used in a prominent place in the product or service that carries the republished FT articles, such as an acknowledgement page.

Articles sourced from the Financial Times are used under licence from the Financial Times. These articles remain Copyright of the Financial Times Ltd. The Financial Times Limited has not endorsed, verified or been involved in the creation of information not sourced from the Financial Times, and is not responsible or liable for its accuracy, completeness or content.

Attributing FT Headlines

FT headlines (or headlines and teaser text) must have one of the following forms of attribution:

  • FT
  • Financial Times
  • FT Logo (minimum size 19 pixels)

These can be at the beginning or end of each individual headline. Alternatively any of these attributions can be used once for a collection of FT headlines (or headlines and teaser text). The collection needs to be clearly separated and distinct from other information in your product.

These instructions are a schedule to a licence to republish FT content and use the FT trademarks and should be read in the context of that agreement. The agreement clarifies which rights have been granted and it should not be assumed that rights are granted by these instructions.

Contact: brand.representative@ft.com