User Profile Request Resource

User Profile Request Resource Representation

A user profile request is represented in the FT API as a JSON data structure, as shown below. The user profile request resource is used to create a new user profile record in the FT user database. The following example shows all possible fields a user profile request can contain.

 “user”: {
   “email”: “”,
   “password”: “mys3cr3T”
   “firstName”: “Firstname”,
   “lastName”: “Lastname”,
   “title”: “Mr”,
   “primaryTelephone”: “442071234567”,
   “homeAddress”: {
     “line1”: “The White House”,
     “line2”: “1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW”,
     “townCity”: “Washington”,
     “postcode”: “20500”,
     “state”: “DC”,
     “country”: “USA”

User Profile Request Resource Properties

Property NameValueDescription
email string User’s email address
password string User’s chosen password
firstName string User’s firstname
lastName string User’s lastname

primaryTelephone string User’s phone number
homeAddress json object JSON object representation of the user’s address
line1 string First line of user’s address
line2 string

Second line of user’s address

townCity string

Town / city of user’s address

postcode string

User’s postcode

state string

User’s address state

country string

User’s country