Looking for inspiration?

We offer a variety of flexible business solutions to meet your specific needs, goals and business models. With full, flexible access to the FT’s extensive database of business intelligence, there’s no limit to what you can create.

Did we mention that at the FT, we use the same APIs for internal development projects such as the HTML5 web app and FT for Flipboard! So, rest assured that you are getting the real thing!

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Accelerate your business growth

Developing trust and rapport is fundamental to winning business and building sustainable client relationships. Business development and sales teams are using the FT as a catalyst to have meaningful conversations with clients and prospects.

  • Integrate real time client / prospect information into CRM systems
  • Create custom alerts based on regions, industries or companies
  • Embed FT headlines into the firm’s intranet
  • Give organisations a competitive advantage

Enhance global business intelligence

Whatever the sector, clients want to work with people that understand their business and the industries in which they operate, so they receive advice relevant to their business objectives. Client facing professionals are using the FT to complement their technical expertise with a broader commercial awareness, to make a bigger impact on their client’s business.

By reading the FT, individuals develop a comprehensive understanding of the business world and help “join the dots” across multiple disciplines and jurisdictions to put together the big picture.

Drive employee productivity

Timely access to quality information is essential to drive business growth. Organisations across the world are using the FT to disseminate trusted intelligence quickly, which employees can rely on to make sound decisions without question.

With over 600 journalists employed worldwide to filter out noise and add insight, the FT gives senior decision-makers a concise report on what matters. We help clients cut through the information overload, by providing accurate, reliable information that can be acted upon immediately - saving time and improving productivity.

Advance learning and development

Today's employers need graduates to be equipped to work in the demanding international marketplace. The award-winning news and analysis from the Financial Times provides students with a valuable understanding of global business, economic, political and social issues.

FT Newslines was developed to integrate FT news into the classroom, to connect current events with course principles. More than 35 of the world’s top 50 business schools now use FT Newslines so students have a better understanding of the application of theory and greater confidence in discussing current issues.